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WPA QuantiMate Micro-Volume Cuvettes

WPA QuantiMate Micro-Volume Cuvettes

Brand: WPA
Product Name Qty
WPA QuantiMate 200 Micro-Volume Cuvette (15mm)
WPA QuantiMate 500 Micro-Volume Cuvette (15mm)
WPA QuantiMate 200 Micro-Volume Cuvette (8.5mm)
WPA QuantiMate 500 Micro-Volume Cuvette (8.5mm)

Part of Biochrom, the WPA QuantiMate Micro-Volume Cuvettes are an innovative solution for accruate low volume spectroscopy, providing the simplest ways for life scientists to accurately quantify micro-litre volumes of DNA and protein in almost any UV/Vis spectrophotometer.

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Exceptional measurement performance: means that your concentrations are more accurate and more reproducible. Measurement performance will not change over time.
Broad measurement range: so only one cuvette is required for most concentrations.
No time consuming dilutions: samples can be measured without dilution, thereby removing potential errors from pipetting mistakes.
Use little of your precious sample: use from 0.8 to 2.5µl of sample to save your sample for your downstream experiments.
Robust design: difficult to break, reliable performance.
• Large sample window: good measurement range, easy to check for sample impurities such as bubbles or dust.
• Fits in most UV/Vis Spectrophotometers: standardized 10mm cell shape, and sizing available in 2 different beam heights makes it compatible with most UV/Visible spectrophotometers and allows use with your existing instrument. 

Pathlength (mm):
QuantiMate 500: 0.5
QuantiMate 200: 0.2
Pathlength Accuracy:
± 5 microns
Physical Size (w x d x h):
12.5 x 12.5 x 61mm
Beam Height (z dimension):
15mm or 8.5mm versions
Minimum Sample Volume:
QuantiMate 500: 2.5µl
QuantiMate 200: 0.8µl
DNA Detection Limit:
DNA Maximum Concentration:
QuantiMate 500: 3,500ng/µl
QuantiMate 200: 9,000ng/µl 
DNA Reproducibility at 100ng/µl:
QuantiMate 500: ± 1ng/µl
QuantiMate 200: ± 2ng/µl
DNA Reproducibility at 1000ng/µl:
QuantiMate 500: ± 4ng/µl
QuantiMate 200: ± 6ng/µl
Protein Detection Limit:
QuantiMate 500: 0.06mg/ml
QuantiMate 200: 0.15mg/ml
Protein Maximum Concentration:

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WPA QuantiMate Micro-Volume Cuvettes