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PreciPoint O8 Digital Microscope & Scanner

PreciPoint O8 Digital Microscope & Scanner

Product Code : 9557.0008 Brand: Precipoint

The Precipoint O8 Digital Microscope & Scanner is constructed with an all-in-one system, allowing users to carefully examine specimens using oil-immersion objectives.

Apart from usual examination techniques of a single objective field of view and its scanning function, this microscope scanner features "Live-Stitching" that enables a larger field of view to be formed within a few seconds without objectives needing to be switched. The specimen can potentially be moved through as individual images are captured and stitched together at the same time.

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Whole Slide Scanning: Scan whole slides and selected regions of interest with supporting objectives ranging from 20x to 100x in oil or air
All-in-one device: The O8 is equipped with three different operating modes tailored to diverse workflows - Live, Instant Scan (large field of view within seconds at high resolution), Slide Scan (15 x 15mm area in 1h at 100x oil objective). With these three modes combined, the O8 serves as both a microscope and scanner. It allows you to directly work on your sample, perform various analyses (annotations and measurements), and to scan your slides for documentation and future viewing. Presents an overview picture of the sample (barcode scanning on request)
Empower your application: The O8 is perfect for various demanding applications such as haematology and oncology research
Live remote control: Control the O8 from anywhere at anytime simultaneously with colleagues for second opinions
Transmitted light
• Easy, intuitive, and ergonomic handling via touch screen
• Automated Z-axis; Z-stacking
• Operating software "MicroPoint" included
• Viewer software "ViewPoint" included
• Cloud and image analysis



25 x 75mm (2 slides) or 50 x 75mm (1 slide) - automated x-y stage

Scanning Resolution:

100x oil objective, NA 1.4: 0.11µm/px

Dimensions (cm):

45 x 40 x 30

Weight (kg):



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PreciPoint O8 Digital Microscope & Scanner