Medline Scientific has launched a new high-quality range of ultra low temperature freezers manufactured by Meling that are suitable for different types of laboratories and effectively protect samples from various applications.


Medline Ultra Low Temperature Freezers


Available in seven different sizes (50 - 1000 litres), these upright laboratory freezers each have a user-friendly control and monitoring system that consist of a 7" touch screen where the temperature can easily be adjusted (from -40°C to -86°C) with a control precision of 1°C. The touch screen also features a keyword lock and password protected configuration page, along with delayed start and safe stop intervals in the middle of being restarted and terminated.


Their user-friendly cabinet design allows users quick and easy access with their front opening lockable doors, which have an innovative handle.


If you have any questions about this fantastic new range of freezers or would like to receive a FREE quote, please contact us on (+44) 01865 400321 or