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Stereo Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes

Stereo microscopy allows for the study of whole or partial specimens without the need of any pre-treatment even under relatively low magnification. As the models increase in sophistication, additional features add to the functionality and overall ease of use.

Ceti's stereo microscopes are supplied with a choice of lighting options of daylight, Halogen, or LED (model dependent). They are available with a choice of fixed magnifications or use a zoom system for fine tuning. The lighting options are both diascopic and episcopic to enable both translucent and sold sample examination.

Increasingly, LED illumination is being substituted for the traditional Halogen light source in our more sophisticated models. LED illumination provides a whiter 'cold' light source which generates no heat; this means live or heat sensitive samples can be viewed for prolonged periods without 'cooking' the sample.