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Precipoint M8 Digital Microscope & Scanner | Precipoint Microscope


Precipoint M8 Digital Microscope and Scanner

Product Code : 9557.8888 Brand: Precipoint

The Precipoint M8 works as a dual microscope and scanner with a touch screen computer where all of its features can be easily accessed. With its instinctive software, you can navigate through microscope slides by the touch of your fingers. You can also operate the M8 with a tablet or smart phone (sold separately).


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• Overall picture. Bar code recognition possible.
• Live stitching: combination of individual pictures quickly taken at the highest resolution of the objective to create a full screen single picture.
• Transmitted light. Supported objectives: 20x & 40x. Contact us for detailed specifications.
• Easy, instinctive, and convenient handling via touch screen.
• Scans (full or parts) and screen shots created within 60 seconds.
• Four different scanning modes (quality, speed).
• Automated Z-axis; Z-stacking.
• Annotations, measurements, and image manipulations (CSV/XLS, VPA, FPF).
• Image Formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, VMIC, HTML.
• Remote and real-time access.
• Optional software based applications and analytics.
• Transmitted light.  


• 1x-350x Zoom (live stitching makes change of objective redundant).
• Automated x-y-stage 25x75mm (2 slides) or 50x75mm (1 slide).
• Supported Objectives: 20x (0.5 NA: 0.32μm/pixel) & 40x (0.75 NA: 0.16 μm/pixel). Contact us for detailed specifications.
• Automated Z-axis; Z-stacking.
• Dimensions: 45cmx40cmx30cm.
• Gross Weight: 25kg. 


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Precipoint M8 Digital Microscope and Scanner