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Microscope Scanners

Microscope Scanners

The PreciPoint M8 and O8 Microscope Scanners have the ability to produce fast, high-resolution images of tissue and cells.

With these excellent tools, medical and veterinary professionals are able to visualise and scan slides, without the need to load slides into a hopper and wait for scans to take place. There is no need to save images onto a remote server - slides, or areas of slides, can be visualised immediately and can also be shared among consultants and other colleagues. Key features of the M8 and O8 include rapid scanning, remote access to high-quality images and the use of easy-to-use (but advanced) imaging software.

Unlike a majority of slide scanners on the market today, the M8 and O8 are unique as they can be controlled remotely from virtually anywhere on the planet, with virtually no lag, to allow live visualisation of the slides. This feature allows consultants to be able to view slides of, for instance, frozen sections or blood smears, and to enable them to make an instant diagnosis. In addition, colleagues can be invited to give a second opinion - also live - without having to wait for a scan to be uploaded to a server and downloaded for visualisation.

Microscope scanners are a relatively new innovation but are now vital in the field of digital pathology within the medical, veterinary and clinical sectors.