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Medline Ultra Low Temperature Freezers


Medline Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Product Code : MDDW-01 Brand: Medline Scientific
Product Name Qty
Medline 50 Litre Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
Medline 100 Litre Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
Medline 400 Litre Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
Medline 525 Litre Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
Medline 675 Litre Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
Medline 850 Litre Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
Medline 1000 Litre Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Manufactured by Meling, Medline's Ultra Low Temperature Freezers are designed for sample protection and convenient access when carrying out various laboratory applications. Suitable for laboratories in a large number of sectors (e.g. healthcare, colleges/universities, electrical), these upright freezers feature an accessible control and monitoring system.

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Control System: 

• 7" touch screen that can be easily adjusted from -40°C to -86°C and has a control precision of 1°C. It comes with a keyboard lock and password protected configuration page, along with a delayed start and safe stop interval between being restarted or terminated.
• Manageable alarm system (audible and visual alarms, high/low temperature alarms, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, door open alarm, filter blocking alarm, and system failure alarm).

Structure Design: 

• Stainless steel interior, outer is a painted steel panel, four unit casters for easy handling.
• Front opening lockable door with new ingenious handle, easy to open and close.
• A vacuum release port allows the doors to be opened smoothly.
• Adjustable stainless steel shelves with inner insulation doors, double silicon gasket seal.
Two times foaming technology: 120mm foaming insulation with VIP insulation board.
• USB store functions to successfully transfer logged data to a PC.
Optional: Chart recorder, CO2 back up system, storage racks/boxes, remote alarm system.

Refrigeration System: 

• Imported famous brand compressor, lower the noise and reduce the power consumption.
• Fan electrometer internationally famous of Germany EBM.
• China Patent technology of mixture refrigerant, specially Single stage refrigeration design. 


Capacity (litres):


MDDWHL100S: 100

MDDWHL400S: 400

MDDWHL525S: 525

MDDWHL675S: 675

MDDWHL850S: 850

MDDWHL1000S: 1000

Input Power:


MDDWHL100S: 1000W

MDDWHL400S and MDDWHL525S: 1050W

MDDWHL675S and MDDWHL850S: 1550W

MDDWHL1000S: 1950W


Internal (w x d x h): 550 x 650 x 425mm (MDDWHL50S), 450 x 439 x 514mm (MDDWHL100S), 440 x 696 x 1266mm (MDDWHL400S), 585 x 696 x 1266mm (MDDWHL525S), 750 x 696 x 1268mm (MDDWHL675S), 877 x 696 x 1378mm (MDDWHL850S), and 1022 x 696 x 1378mm (MDDWHL1000S) 

External (w x d x h): 590 x 650 x 425mm (MDDWHL50S), 1066 x 742 x 820mm (MDDWHL100S), 785 x 1041 x 1947mm (MDDWHL400S), 930 x 1041 x 1947mm (MDDWHL525S), 1090 x 998 x 1955mm (MDDWHL675S), 1218 x 997 x 1998mm (MDDWHL850S), and 1363 x 997 x 1998mm (MDDWHL1000S) 

Weight (N, t):

MDDWHL50S: 65kg

MDDWHL100S: 120kg

MDDWHL400S: 252kg

MDDWHL525S: 283kg

MDDWHL675S: 380kg

MDDWHL850S: 440kg

MDDWHL1000S: 480kg

Racks (5 x 5):

MDDWHL50S and MDDWHL400S: 12

MDDWHL525S: 16

MDDWHL675S: 20

MDDWHL850S: 24

MDDWHL1000S: 28

Max. Vials (1.5ml):

MDDWHL50S: 5,382

MDDWHL400S: 24,300

MDDWHL525S: 32,400

MDDWHL675S: 50,000

MDDWHL850S: 69,000

MDDWHL1000S: 80,500

Power Consumption (kw/h):


MDDWHL100S: 9.32

MDDWHL400S: 8.18

MDDWHL525S: 12.25

MDDWHL675S: 14.41

MDDWHL850S: 20.26

MDDWHL1000S: 19.15


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Medline Ultra Low Temperature Freezers