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Jeio Tech OV Series Vacuum Ovens | Quality Vacuum Ovens

Jeio Tech OV Series Vacuum Ovens

Brand: Jeio Tech
Product Name Qty
Jeio Tech OV-11, 28 Litre Vacuum Oven
Jeio Tech OV-12, 65 Litre Vacuum Oven

With a temperature range of up to 250°C, Jeio Tech's OV Series Vacuum Ovens are suitable for various test applications (e.g. agricultural genetics, drying of plant tissue and drug metabolism) and optimally constructed to separate solvents from solutions or dry solvents with high boiling points.

Each vacuum oven comes with microprocessor PID control, temperature calibration, dual wait on/off timer modes (1min to 99hr 59 min), and automatic tuning. Safety features include a keypad lock function to prevent accidental changes during operation, automatic run after power interruption and over-temperature and over-current protection.

We also offer a wide range of dedicated vacuum pumps and accessories for all models.

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• Temperature range ambient from +5°C to 250°C.
Vacuum Range: 0 to 0.1 MPa (analogue vacuum gauge). Drying a solvent in vacuum lowers its boiling point, thereby making the separation process easier and eliminating the need to use high temperatures.
• Microprocessor PID control/temperature/calibration/automatic tuning.
• Uniform heat distribution from block type heater attached to the chamber exterior to the anodized aluminium shelves. 


• Intuitive control panel with bright LED display (1°C resolution).
• Dual wait on/off timer modes (1 min. to 99 hr. 59 min.).
• Convenient pre-setting function for three most commonly used temperature settings.
• Viton (fluorine rubber) door gasket also available for acidic applications (optional).
• Heat tempered glass window provides clear inside view of the chambers.
• Tight vacuum seal thanks to spring-loaded glass door, silicone gasket, and a push-button latch handle.
• Separate vacuum and vent ports.
• RS-232 interface for external control and data collection. 


• Keypad lock function prevents accidental changes during operation.
• Automatic run after power interruption.
• Over-temperature and over-current protection.


Chamber Volume (L):

OV-11: 28

OV-12: 65

No. of Shelves:

OV-11: 2

OV-12: 3

Vacuum Range (MPa):

0 to 0.1

Nozzle Size (mm):

Ø 10 (Vacuum and Vent)

Temperature Range (°C):

Amb. +5 to 250

Fluctuation at 100°C:

OV-11: ± 0.1

OV-12: ± 0.3

Variation at 100°C:

± 3.7

Internal Dimensions (W x D x H):

OV-11: 302 x 305 x 302mm

OV-12: 402 x 405 x 402mm

External Dimensions (W x D x H):

OV-11: 680 x 453 x 495mm

OV-12: 780 x 557 x 595mm

Net Weight (kg):

OV-11: 63

OV-12: 103


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Jeio Tech OV Series Vacuum Ovens