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Jeio Tech BW3-G Series Unstirred Water Baths | Water Baths

Jeio Tech BW3-G Series Unstirred Water Baths

Brand: Jeio Tech
Product Name Qty
Jeio Tech BW3-05G, 3.5 Litre Unstirred Water Bath
Jeio Tech BW3-10G, 11.5 Litre Unstirred Water Bath
Jeio Tech BW3-20G, 20 Litre Unstirred Water Bath

Suitable for diverse applications, Jeio Tech's BW3-G Series Unstirred Water Baths are available in three different sizes.

All of these laboratory water baths are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which enables the user to use various bath fluids, including water and silicone oils. Their simple design with an angled control panel allows users to simply gain access to the bath safely.

This range of water baths are specially designed for the requirements of laboratories in a number of sectors (e.g. medical, biological etc.).

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• Temperature range from ambient +7°C to +100°C
• Microprocessor PID control
• Temperature calibration / automatic tuning / automatic run


• User friendly control panel. Bright VFD with membrane touch switch and control knob
• Side handles for easy transportation
• Dual wait on/off timer modes (1min to 99hr 59min)
• Convenient memory function of up to three frequently set temperatures
• Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction allowing other bath fluids as well as water and silicone oils. 
Easy access drain valve for convenient handling


• Isolated design of heater and sensor by a baffle plate to protect users and samples against direct contact
• Complete safety protection system with warning alarms. Low fluid level and dry-running, over-temperature, over-current
• Control lock function prevents accidental changes during operation
• Splash-proof keypad


Volume (L)

     BW3-05G:  3.5

     BW3-10G:  11.5

     BW3-20G:  20

Temperature (°C)

     Range:  Amb. +10 to +100

     Stability (°C)

          BW3-05G:  ±0.4

          BW3-10G and BW3-20G:  ±0.3

Dimensions (mm)

     Bath Opening; W x L x D:  240 x 136, 150 (BL3-05G), 300 x 240, 200 (BL3-10G) and 498 x 300, 200 (BL3-20G)

     External; W x D x H:  307 x 200 x 264 (BL3-05G), 360 x 300 x 294 (BL3-10G), and 564 x 356 x 294 (BL3-20G)

Weight (Kg):  6.5 (BL3-05G), 10 (BL3-10G) and 18.5 (BL3-20G)

Electrical Requirements (230V, 50/60Hz)

     BL3-05G:  3A

     BL3-10G:  4.3A

     BL3-20G:  8.7A


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Jeio Tech BW3-G Series Unstirred Water Baths