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Cleaning Reagents

Cleaning Reagents

Cleaning reagents for glassware and equipment.

RBS detergents present favourable benefits/costs ratio due to the low working concentration that allows the generation of high volume cleaning solutions. At the recommended use concentrations, they show excellent compatibility with a lot of materials including stainless steel, chromed steel, plastic, rubber, porcelain, and ceramic.

Thanks to their high emulsifying, wetting, and detergency power, RBS detergents allow the removal of hard to clean residues. They constitute an excellent alternative to hazardous acid mixtures and solvents, and allow safe working conditions for both user and cleaned items.

All RBS reagents have been designed taking into account recent environmental directives and regulations, thanks notably to the use of biodegradable surfactants. Those who opt out or support the use of phosphate-free products will find in this range, the suitable products that meet their needs.

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