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Ceti Vulcan LED Compound Microscope (Motorised)

Ceti Vulcan LED Compound Microscope (Motorised)

Product Code : 3200.9300LED Brand: Ceti

Ceti's Vulcan LED Compound Microscope (Motorised) is a biological microscope designed to allow users to enjoy safe, comfortable, and superb quality observations of their specimens.

The intensity of illumination for each objective can be adjusted and the intelligent AIS (Automatic Illumination System) automatically recalls that intensity with the relevant objective. This averts the possibility of uncomfortable over-bright illumination. With the handy ECO function, the transmitted light turns off automatically after 30 minutes of non-use. This not only saves energy, but also prolongs the life of the long-life LED even further.

The motorised nosepiece adds to the ergonomics of the microscope as objectives can be selected via buttons on the front of the stand, removing the necessity to manually rotate the nosepiece - with the Remote Control Pad objectives, they can be switched by simply pressing the buttons. Users can also self-define two of the most commonly used objectives and swap between these two objectives by pressing the green button.

The motorised swing-out condenser automatically swings the top lens element in or out according to the objective lens that is selected via the intelligent linking system.

The optional epi-fluorescence system features high-quality filter blocks and filter lenses. Six filter blocks can be fitted into the epi-fluorescence attachment, allowing the operator to view different fluorophores without the necessity to change filter blocks.

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• Mechanical stage with low X/Y controls and Gorilla Glass insert for smooth operation.
• Super wide-field 10X, FN22 eyepieces for maximum field of view.
• Quintuple, reversed nosepiece with five Infinity Corrected N-Plan Achromatic objectives.
• Ergonomic, tilting trinocular eyepiece tube for comfortable viewing over long periods.
• Automatic Illumination System with auto intensity control on each objective.
• Full Köhler illumination and a wide range of accessories.


Optical Head:

Ergomic tilting trinocular with photo port, adjustable from 0° to 35°

3-position beam splitter; 0:100, 100:0, 80:20

Interpupillary distance adjustment: 47 to 78mm

Dioptric adjustment on both eyepieces


10x/22mm, super wide-field


Motorised with remote switching pad on base

Nosepiece rotating buttons behind focus knobs


4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x oil Infinity Corrected N-Plan Achromatic


Pre-condenser with field diaphragm

Motorised Abbe - NA 1.25 with automatic swing-out when 4x objective is selected

Focusable and centrable, iris diaphragm


Double layer mechanical stage, 190 x 152mm with Gorilla Glass insert and slide holder

78 x 32mm movement, Vernier scale

Focusing Knobs:

Low position coaxial coarse and fine with stop

Fine focus knobs can be swapped

Tension control

Mains Power:

220 - 240V/50 - 60Hz


3W S-LED with fly-lens, intensity control and Automatic Illumination System (AIS)

ECO function switches illumination off after 30 minutes non-use

Supplied With:

Power cord, microscope oil, and cover


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Ceti Vulcan LED Compound Microscope (Motorised)