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CETI Vulcan 9300 Automatic Compound Microscope

CETI Vulcan 9300 Automatic Compound Microscope

Product Code : 3200.9300LED Brand: CETI

CETI's Vulcan 9300 Automatic Compound Microscope is an intelligent, revolutionary microscope that features optimal operating comfort with its ergonomic design.

It produces fast, effective images for research, QC, and clinical applications. Images can be taken with the Image Capture Button, which enables simple image capture with an optional integrated camera.

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Glass Stage Insert: Mechanical stage with a Sapphire glass insert is highly durable and enable easy cleaning.
Ergo Tilting Trinocular Head:Angle adjustable from 0° to 35°. The trinocular tube has a 3-position beam splitter (0:100, 100:0, 80:20) for full flexibility.
One Hand Operation: The glass surface and convex point guide mechanism allow for one handed slide exchange.
Focusing System: Coaxial focusing system with low-position X-Y coaxial control knobs, ensuring full operating comfort.
Image Capture Button: Enables simple image capture with optional integrated digital camera.
Automatic Light Intensity Management: Light intensity is automatically adjusted, ensuring the correct level of illumination for each objective and the operator, thus reducing eye fatigue. The long-life LED module with over 5000 hours lifetime, ensures even lighting due to the 'fly-eye' lens providing even brightness and distribution.
ECO Function: The transmitted light turns off automatically if the microscope detects that the operator has been absent for 15 minutes, thus saving energy and extending the life of the LED.
Low-Position Control Knobs: The height of the stage control knobs can be adjusted up or down by 18mm to ensure a comfortable hand position, and they also feature adjustable tension control.
Nosepiece Spacer: By inserting the optional nosepiece space, the entire stage and x-y control are lowered by 25cm, thus increasing user comfort.
Remote Control Pad: Objectives can be moved into position by simply pressing the buttons on the front of the microscope. Users can also self-define two of the most commonly used objectives. These can then be swapped quickly back and forth by pressing the green button.
Nosepiece Rotating Buttons: These buttons rotate the nosepiece clockwise or anti-clockwise and the light intensity is then automatically adjusted in accordance to the selected objective.
Motorised Swing-Out Condenser: Automatically swings the top lens out of the light path when the 4x objective is selected, reversing the procedure for all other objectives.
Excellent Epi-Fluorescence: All of the filter blocks use the highest performance, optimised filter lenses. The 6-position epi-fluorescence attachment ensures optimum flexibility.
Focus Customisation: Fine focus control caps can be easily swapped as and when required.


Optical System:

Infinity Corrected



Viewing Head:

Ergo Tilting Trinocular Head, adjustable from 0° to 35° (Interpupilary Distance: 47 - 78mm)


N-PLN Plan Objective


Auto Sextuple Nose-Piece


Swing Condenser N.A. 0.9/0.25 (Auto)


3W S-LED Lamp


Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment, Fine Division: 1um, Moving Range: 35mm


Double Layer Mechanical Stage 190X/152/78 x 32mm (Right or Left Handle) with Sapphire Crystal Glass Insert

Accessories (included):

Ceti-pro image 10.0 software, power cord, and cedarwood oil

Accessories (optional):

100W Halogen illumination, 12.5x/15x/20x WF eyepieces, phase contrast, dark-field, simple polariser, gout polariser, fluorescence attachment. and U filter


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CETI Vulcan 9300 Automatic Compound Microscope