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Bright Instruments

Bright Instruments

Despite no longer being owned by the Bright family, Bright Instruments is a still privately owned UK business, supplying a quality range of cryostats, microtomes, freezing units and accessories that have become synonymous with quality since 1937. Customers include pathology, histopathology, immunology, life sciences, research and industrial testing & quality control laboratories worldwide.

Each instrument ordered can be individually tailored to suit the customer's requirements and many features can be retro-fitted, thus ensuring the best possible solutions to the customer's needs.

OTF6000 Cryostat

Based on the long-established and reliable OTF/AS cryostat, the new OTF6000 brings the range of Bright cryostats completely up to date. New styling coupled with improved user ergonomics, the latest blade systems in the ever-reliable and powerful 5050 microtome, a huge choice of options plus money-saving package deals make these cryostats absolutely unique.

OTF6000 Cryostat Features:

  • Ergonomically designed top for storage plus operator comfort and usability
  • Touch screen panel for control and displays
  • Integrated UV decontamination and integrated waste disposal bottle
  • New system allows disposable blades or solid knives to be interchanged within seconds
  • Easy removal of microtome for cleaning and maintenance
  • Night-time efficiency setting for energy saving
  • Controlled access through key fob and software settings for safety and security
  • Other cryostats are available along with the aforementioned microtomes, freezing systems etc.

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