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Bigneat Chemcap Pro2 Ductless Fume Cabinet (PR 1004)

Bigneat Chemcap Pro2 Ductless Fume Cabinet (PR 1004)

Product Code : BIGPR1004ACID Brand: Bigneat

Bigneat's Chemcap Pro2 Ductless Fume Cabinet (PR 1004) provides increased operator safety over the Chemcap Clearview cabinet design, achieved by double carbon filtration and a powerful extraction system.

With its safe-change pre-filter system and optional HEPA filters, this ductless fume cabinet is engineered for use with most toxic fumes, vapours, and particulates.

When the lower filter reaches saturation point, any fumes breaking through are retained by the upper back-up filter. Each filter stack incorporates an inter-filter sampling port to monitor the primary filter status.

During service, the primary filter is removed and the back-up filter is dropped down and a new back-up added to the stack.

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• The 'Clearview' enclosure design, trapezium front access and integral lighting, provides excellent all-round vision and operator comfort.
• Keypad control panel with touch button controls and service due indicator.
• The integrated lamp is mounted within the fan housing, not within airflow. There is therefore no risk to cabinet integrity or operator during lamp change (average 312 lx).
• Installation using the PVC base contaminant tray for existing work surfaces is easy.
• Mobile bench units with large lockable castors provide great flexibility.
• Audible electronic low air flow alarm.
• Rear baffle ensures even air flow throughout the cabinet.
• Quiet operation.
• Pre-filter can be bagged under negative pressure.
• Easy clean - all materials chemically resistant.
• Lockable front access windows.
• Supplied with lighting, 18 watt fluorescent lamp. Also comes with pre-filter, 2x carbon filters (F4) of pre-determined type, and 2x HEPA filters (single filter stack).

Dimensions (w x d x h):
Internal: 968 x 506 x 807mm
External: 1048 x 580 x 1248mm
Access Style:
Trapezium (700 x 285mm)
Face Velocity:
0.5 m/s
Power Consumption:
Sound Level (dBA):
< 50
Boxed Weight (kg):
Boxed Dimensions (w x d x h):
1140 x 1010 x 790mm

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Bigneat Chemcap Pro2 Ductless Fume Cabinet (PR 1004)