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Vulcan 9300 Automatic Microscope

Vulcan 9300 Automatic Microscope

Product Code : 3200.9300LED Brand: Ceti Microscopes

The Vulcan 9300 Automatic Microscope is a smart and innovative microscope that provides optimal operating comfort with its user-friendly design. Produces fast, effective images for laboratory and clinical applications.

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• The ECO function's transmitted light turns off automatically after 30 minutes from non-use. This not only saves energy, but also prolongs the life of the lamp.
• The stage adapter allows operators to lower the stage by 1" with its block on the nosepiece, so slides can be positioned easily and comfortably.
• Objectives can be switched by simply pressing the microscope's rotating buttons. Users could also self-define two of the most commonly used objectives, and they can then swap between these two objectives by pressing the green button.
• Using the nosepiece's rotating buttons, users can automatically rotate the nosepiece and adjust the light intensity accordingly.
• Motorized swing-out condenser automatically swings-out and swings-in the top-lens element according to the objective lens that is selected via the intelligent linking system.
• Light intensity is automatically adjusted, ensuring the correct level of illumination for each objective and the user, reducing eye fatigue. The long-life of the microscope (over 5000 hours) ensures even lighting due to the 'fly-eye' lens providing even brightness and distribution. 


Optical System: Infinity Corrected

Eyepiece: SW10X/22

Viewing Head: Ergo Tilting Trinocular Head, adjustable from 0" to 35" (Interpupilary Distance: 47 - 78mm)

Objectives: N-PLN Plan Objective

Nose-Piece: Auto Sextuple Nose-Piece

Condenser: Swing Condenser N.A. 0.9/0.25 (Auto)

Illumination: 3W S-LED Lamp

Focusing: Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment, Fine Division: 1um, Moving Range: 35mm

Stage: Double Layer Mechanical Stage 190X/152/78 x 32mm (Right or Left Handle) with Sapphire Crystal Glass Insert

Accessories (included): Ceti-pro image 10.0 software, power cord, and cedarwood oil

Accessories (optional): 100W Halogen illumination, 12.5x/15x/20x WF eyepieces, phase contrast, dark-field, simple polariser, gout polariser, fluorescence attachment. and U filter


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Vulcan 9300 Automatic Microscope