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Steddy Trinocular Microscope (Diamond Shaped)

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Steddy Trinocular Microscope (Diamond Shaped)

Product Code : 7500.0000M Brand: CETI

The Steddy Trinocular Microscope (Diamond Shaped) features dual LED illumination and a single sturdy column focusing unit. Its broad base offers a greater surface area for examination of larger samples.

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Optical Head: Trinocular, inclined at 45° with photo port

Interpupillary Distance Adjustment (Sidentopf type): 55 to 75mm

Eye Piece: 10x/22mm wide-field. Dioptric compensation on both eye piece tubes

Magnification: Zoom system - bilateral knobs click stop feature (Zoom Range: 6.5x to 45x & Standard Magnification from 1.5 to 195x

Working Distance: 165mm (max.), Range: 115mm, and focusing mount rack and pinion system

Stage: Diamond shaped, Frosted and black/white contrast plate and two stage clamps

Illumination (variable): LED variable, episcopic fixed under the optical head and directional condensing lens with blue filter for daylight: 2W, diascopic built into the base: 5W, two individual switches (variable illumination), and supplied with two rubber eye cups, dust cover, instruction manual, and one blue filter

Main Power: 220 - 240V/50 - 60 Hz (Euro connector) and on/off switch, and convertor built-in low voltage (12V - electronic) with light intensity control

Packing: Two Styrofoam shelves in a cardboard box

Packing Dimensions (w x d x h): 35 x 31 x 46cm

Gross Weight (kg): 7


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Steddy Trinocular Microscope (Diamond Shaped)
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