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CETI Fiber Optic Illuminator (150W)


CETI Fiber Optic Illuminator (150W)

Product Code : 7063.1555 Brand: CETI

The CETI Fiber Optic Illuminator (150W) is used to provide acute, cool illumination for various optical applications.

With its double swan neck arm, this light source is designed to border with fibre optic light guides to deliver a continuous light supply that can be manoeuvred or conducted in many different ways. The CETI Fiber Optic Illuminator (150W) provides easy-to-use, active illumination making it very beneficial for several applications.

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Main Power: 220V AC 50Hz

Light Intensity: Regulation with electronic control 0 - 100%

Colour Temperature: 3200°K

Bulb: 150W Halogen reflector bulb (estimated 500 burning hours)

Cooling System: Axial ventilator

Packing Dimensions (w x d x h): 38 x 26 x 21cm

Gross Weight (kg): 3


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CETI Fiber Optic Illuminator (150W)