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CETI Inverso TC-100 Inverted Biological Fluorescent Microscope


CETI Inverso TC-100 Inverted Biological Fluorescent Microscope

Product Code : 3660.8000M Brand: CETI

With an additional fluorescent light source and power supply (HBO 100W), CETI's Inverso TC-100 Inverted Biological Fluorescent Microscope can be used in any working laboratory and is supplied with two sliding filter holders (one containing blue and green filter blocks).

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Optical Head:

Trinocular, inclined at 45°

Interpupillary Distance Adjustment (Sidentopf Type): 48 to 75mm

Dioptric correction on one eyepiece tube

Eye Pieces:

10x/22mm wide-field

Vertical photo/video port with beam-splitting prism on sliding mount (80 - 20%)

Nose Piece:

Quintuple revolving with click stop, inverted


4x, 40x Planachromatic LWD

10x, 20x, 40x Phase Contrast

10x/20x and 40x Annular Phase Plate

Centering telescope


N.A.0.3 (removable)

Working Distance: 72mm


Size 160 x 250mm with additional mechanical stage

2 interchangeable stage plates (glass and metal) 

Stage extending board

Focusing Knobs:

Coaxial course and fine

Pre-focusing mechanism (on left knob)

Tension adjustment ring (on right knob)


Lamp holder adjustable

Field diaphragm

HBO 100W Ultra Hi-voltage Special Spherical Mercury Lamp

Mains Power:

220/240V - 50/60Hz (Euro connector)


Built-in low voltage (6V - electronic) with light intensity control

Supplied With:

One spare bulb, one spare fuse, allen key (for fixing condenser), dust cover, and instruction manual


Two Styrofoam shelves and cardboard box

Packing Dimensions (w x d x h):

49 x 42 x 69cm

Gross Weight (kg):


Protection Barrier:

Barrier to shield ultraviolet light

Power Supply:

Power suppler, 220V/110V inter changeable, digital display


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CETI Inverso TC-100 Inverted Biological Fluorescent Microscope