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Colex 6.7mm Grey Phthalate Free PU ESD Gas Hose (Carbon Dioxide)

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Colex 6.7mm Grey Phthalate Free PU ESD Gas Hose (Carbon Dioxide)

Product Code : 108606PF Brand: Colex International Ltd.

Colex's 6.7mm Grey Phthalate Free PU ESD Medical Gas Hose (Nitrous Oxide) is designed to fulfill all the current and future requirements for medical gas hoses. All the materials used are USP VI compliant.

The raw material used is composed of ingredients, which meet the current requirements of the FDA for food contact applications when used in accordance with the requirements and limitations of 21 CFR:175.105; 177:1680 for repeat use applications only; 177:2600.

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• Does not contain plasticizer and does not work harden.
• Will not expose patients to any potentially harmful phthalate vapours.
• Designed to be used in areas that require static dissipation.
• All the mating surfaces are made from ESD material with a surface resistivity of 1.1E11 Ω/Sq. when tested to ASTMD 257.
• Sufficient to prevent any risk promoting static build up. 




Gas Type:

Nitrous Oxide

Coil Length (m):


Internal Diameter - Bore Size (mm):


Overall Diameter - Cover (mm):


Stripe Width (mm):



USP VI ESD TPU (Liner and Cover) and USP VI TPU (Gas Barrier Layer)

Liner and Cover Resistivity:

1.1 x E11 (ASTM D-257)

Burst Pressure:

10,000 kPa (100 Bar) at 23°C

Internal Dimensions (mm):

Conforms to EN ISO 1307

Layer Adhesion:

5.5kN/m (min.) - EN ISO 8033

Deformation Under Pressure:

1.9% (diameter) and 1% (length) at 1400kPa

Occlusion Resistance:

No flow reduction (BS EN ISO 5359:2008, Clause 5.7)

Contaminant Test:

No indication (Gastec Polytec 107 tubes)

Minimum Life Cycle:

5 years at 23°C and ambient humidity


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Colex 6.7mm Grey Phthalate Free PU ESD Gas Hose (Carbon Dioxide)
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