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Single Beam Visible Spectrophotometers

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Single Beam Visible Spectrophotometers

Product Code : SBVS-1 Brand: CETI
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MD-1105 Single Beam Visible Spectrophotometer
MD-2100 Single Beam Visible Spectrophotometer

Complete with microprocessor control, our Single Beam Visible Spectrophotometers are ideal for carrying out tests performed in environmental protection, water, biochemistry, clinical, food & beverage, and industrial laboratories.

RS232 analogue output and optional software available.

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• High-performance scanning.
• Single and multi-wavelength operation.
• Kinetics, transmittance, and absorbance analysis.
• Clear easy to read display.
• Advanced optical system ensures very low stray/light.
• Superior quality optical components ensure accurate and reliable analytical data.
• Deuterium and tungsten lamps are used as the light sources. 


Range: Visible

Optical Performance: Single Beam

Grating System (l/mm): 1200

Spectral Width (mm): 6 (MD-1105) and 4 (MD-1200)

Wavelength (mm): 340-1000 (MD-1105) and 320-1000 (MD-2100)

Accuracy (nm): ± 2 (MD-1105) and ± 1 (MD-2100)

Repeatability (nm): ≤ 1 (MD-1105) and ≤ 0.5 (MD-2100)

Mode: Transmittance, absorbance, concentration

Display: 3.5 LCD (MD-1105) and 2 line 20 character LCD (MD-2100)

Sample Compartment (l x w): 100 x 50mm

Dimensions (l x h x w): 415 x 315 x 155mm

Weight (kg): 7 (MD-1105) and 10 (MD-2100)


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Single Beam Visible Spectrophotometers
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