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Jeio Tech Shaking Water Bath (BS Series) | Shaking Water Bath

Jeio Tech Shaking Water Baths (BS Series)

Product Code : BS-1 Brand: Jeio Tech
Product Name Qty
Jeio Tech 17 Litre Shaking Water Bath (BS-06)
Jeio Tech 25 Litre Shaking Water Bath (BS-11)
Jeio Tech 37 Litre Shaking Water Bath (BS-21)
Jeio Tech 55 Litre Shaking Water Bath (BS-31)

Jeio Tech's Shaking Water Baths (BS Series) are reciprocal shaking and heating baths, which provide precise & constant temperature control and are ideal for sample incubation conditions for DNA, tissue, or cell culture applications.

Each water bath is supplied with a hinged gable cover and spring wire rack.

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• Temperature range from ambient +5°C to 100°C.
• Reciprocating shaking up to 180rpm while maintaining uniform temperature.
• Microprocessor PID control/temperature calibration/automatic tuning/automatic run.
• Separate control keys for shaker mechanism allows the unit also to be used as a heating bath. 


• Multiple LED displays (0.1°C and 1rpm resolution) for various values.
• Dual wait on/off timer modes (1 min. to 99 hr. 59 min.).
• Minimal shock to the samples thanks to the shaker's gentle feature.
• Spring wire rack is easy to equip and the height of the rack is easily adjustable.
• Gable cover minimises liquid loss and prevents dripping of the bath liquid into the samples.
• Silent and anti-vibration BLDC motor.
• SUS 304 spring wire rack (two tier rack with flexible crossed spring) provides various ways of glassware settings. 


• Isolated design of agitator, heater, and sensor by a baffle plate to minimise turbulence in the bath fluid and also to protect users and samples against direct contact.
• Complete safety protection system with warning alarms. Over-temperature, over-current protection. 


Bath Volume (litres):

BS-06: 17

BS-11: 25

BS-21: 37

BS-31: 55

Working Temperature Range (°C):

Amb. +5 to 100

Temperature Stability: (°C):

± 0.2

Shaking System:

Motion/Speed Range (rpm): Reciprocating/20 to 180

Recip. Stroke Length: 30 (25 and 35 available)


Bath Opening/Depth (w x l, d): 199 x 300, 235mm (BS-06), 319 x 300, 235mm (BS-11), 479 x 300, 235mm (BS-21), and 629 x 350, 235mm (BS-31)

External (w x d x h): 430 x 440 x 355mm (BS-06), 550 x 440 x 355mm (BS-11), 710 x 440 x 355mm (BS-21), and 860 x 490 x 355mm (BS-31)

Net Weight (kg): 26 (BS-06), 30 (BS-11), 35 (BS-21), and 42 (BS-31)

Electrical Requirements (230V, 50Hz):

BS-06: 3.7A

BS-11: 4.6A

BS-21 and BS-31: 8.9A


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Jeio Tech Shaking Water Baths (BS Series)