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Stainless Steel Water Still

Stainless Steel Water Still

Product Code : 19580 Brand: Deltalab

Automatic stainless steel water distiller.

The water quality is considered ASTM III/IV (laboratory grade). In order to always obtain the maximum degree of water purity, we recommend to control periodically the quality of the water supplied to the still and to maintain the inner part of the still in good cleaning conditions.

Easy maintenance. Supplied assembled.

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• Supplies an output of 6 - 7 l/h of high purity water (conductivity: 2.5 µs • cm-1 a 20°C) free of metallic ions and pyrogen.
• Embodies two security systems in order to protect the still from overheating and save energy: the first system controls the temperature level and turns off the still in case the temperature rises more than required. The second one interrupts the process in case the water supply fails. 


Dimensions (mm): 260 x 260 x 610

Electrical Consumption: 6000W

Heaters: 2 x 3 KW

Voltage: 230V

Intensity: 30A

Water Consumption: 60 - 70 l/h


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Stainless Steel Water Still