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Ultrasonic Cleaners (UCP Series)


Ultrasonic Cleaners (UCP Series)

Product Code : UC-1 Brand: Lab Companion (Jeiotech)
Product Name Qty
UCP-02 Ultrasonic Cleaner
UCP-10 Ultrasonic Cleaner
UCP-20 Ultrasonic Cleaner

The UCP Ultrasonic Cleaners have bold cleaning abilities with a variety of output modes.

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• Durable/flame ABS material used and cover with 304 stainless steel tanks.
• Over-temperature protection with alarm (except for UCP-02).
• Digital LED display using splash-proof keypads: timer (1 to 99 min., max. 4 hours operating), and temperature monitor (except for UCP-02).
• High-frequency 40 kHz sound waves provide greater cleaning power and increased reliability.
• Multiple output mode (normal/pulse/sweep) with power selection (low/middle/high) (except for UCP-02).
• Drain valve, basket, cover as standard offer (except for UCP-02).. 


Bath Volume (litres):

UCP-02: 2

UCP-10: 11

UCP-20: 20

Temperature Range (°C):

UCP-10 and UCP-20: Amb. to 70

Ultrasonic Power (W):

UCP-02: 100

UCP-10: 300

UCP-20: 500

Bath Interior Dimensions (w x l, d):

UCP-02: 142 x 132, 104mm

UCP-10: 295 x 240, 160mm

UCP-20: 500 x 290, 160mm

External Dimensions (w x l x h):

UCP-02: 290 x 210 x 200mm

UCP-10: 490 x 368 x 297mm

UCP-20: 721 x 451 x 297mm

Net Weight (kg):

UCP-02: 2

UCP-10: 11

UCP-20: 17


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Ultrasonic Cleaners (UCP Series)