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Jeio Tech Digital Overhead Stirrer (MSD-0420)

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Jeio Tech Digital Overhead Stirrer (MSD-0420)

Product Code : AAH373225K Brand: Jeio Tech

Jeio Tech's Digital Overhead Stirrer (MSD-0420) is ideal for digital controlled high performance stirring tasks.

It comes with a maintenance-free BLDC motor to generate steady, silent, but highly effective stirring. Accidental spills or splashes can be prevented with the use of its microprocessor's gently controlled start and stop functions.

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Performance & Convenience:

• Equipped with a maintenance-free BLDC motor to generate smooth, quiet, and yet powerful stirring.
• Powerful torque capable of handling high viscosity tasks.
• Maintenance of constant motor speed by PID feedback control system even under conditions of changing viscosity.
• Best effort function intelligently manages its stirring speed to keep stirring even workload is out of its capacity.
• Prevention of accidental spills or splashes thanks to microprocessor controlled smooth start and stop functions.
• Well illuminated digital display panel with sensitive touch buttons: set/present rpm, power ratio (%) and run time are visible together on one screen.
• Stirring directions are selectable depending on each impeller's shape.
• Remote control and monitor of lab equipment through mobile devices (Android base only). Jeio Tech network can be configured by installing an included software (Jeiotechsoft). You can monitor your lab equipment through your mobile device regardless of place and time.
• Built-in USB port for external control and data collection. Software CD and USB cable are provided as standard.Compact and slim head design for diverse flexibility in configuring other test equipment and accessories (optional). 


• Sturdy aluminium main body efficiently absorbing and emitting the heat generated by the motor.
• Safety features against overload and overheating for continuous operation.
• Protection class IP30 (DIN EN 60529). 


Speed Control/Type:

PID feed back control

Speed Range (rpm):

80 to 2000

Chuck Range (mm, Ø):

3 to 10

Max. Stirring Capacity (litres, H2O):


Stirring Direction:

Clockwise/Counter Clockwise

Max. Viscosity (cP):

5000 (-2000rpm)/10,000 (-1200rpm)/30,000 (-300rpm)/50,000 (-200rpm)

Max. Torque (N-cm):


Motor Rating Input/Output (W):



Body: Powder Coated Aluminium

Cover: Polypropylene

Motor: BLDC


75 x 215 x 150mm

Net Weight (kg):


Protection Class (DIN EN 60529):


Electrical Requirements (230V, 50/60Hz):



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Jeio Tech Digital Overhead Stirrer (MSD-0420)
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