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Jeio Tech Analogue Magnetic Stirrers | Analogue Magnetic Stirrers

Jeio Tech Analogue Magnetic Stirrers

Product Code : AMS-1 Brand: Jeio Tech
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Jeio Tech 150 to 2500rpm Analogue Magnetic Stirrer (MS-12B)
Jeio Tech 150 to 2500rpm Analogue Magnetic Stirrer (MS-17B)
Jeio Tech 150 to 2500rpm Analogue Magnetic Stirrer (MS-22B)

Equipped with a durable and silent BLDC motor, Jeio Tech's Analogue Magnetic Stirrers come with a polypropylene top plate with two non-slip silicon covers (white and black) for excellent chemical resistance.

Ideal for educational use and general lab work, each magnetic stirrer offers firm magnetic coupling in order to perform constant stirring.

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• Ergonomic design, lightweight, easy to operate, and low profile.
• Best-in-the-class with broad speed range and suitable for a high-speed rotation experimental environment.
• Spark-less, silent, and durable BLDC motor.
• Wide top plate.
• Two non-slip silicon plate covers (white & black).
• Non-slip strength rubber feet.
• Strong magnetic coupling to ensure constant stirring. 


• Designed to protect internal components from accidental spills.
• Built-in thermal shut down and current limit protection. 



Persian Blue

Speed Control:

Electronic speed control

Speed Range (rpm):

150 to 2500

Speed Display:


Stirring Capacity (litres, H2O:

MS-12B: 2

MS-17B: 4

MS-22B: 5

Magnetic Bar, Max. (Ø x l):

MS-12B: 8 x 30mm

MS-17B: 8 x 40mm

MS-22B: 10 x 50mm

Max Load (kg):

MS-12B: 15

MS-17B: 20

MS-22B: 25

Top Plate:

Material: Polypropylene with non-slip silicon cover

Dimensions (Ø, mm): 120 (MS-12B), 170 (MS-17B), and 220 (MS-22B)

Body Shape:


Body Material:


Dimensions (w x d x h):

MS-12B: 130 x 133 x 65mm

MS-17B: 180 x 186 x 65mm

MS-22B: 230 x 235 x 65mm

Net Weight (kg):

MS-12B: 0.6

MS-17B: 0.9

MS-22B: 1.1

Electrical Requirements:

AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz with power adapter

Power Consumption (W):

MS-12B: 5

MS-17B and MS-22B: 6

Protection Class (DIN EN 60529):



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Jeio Tech Analogue Magnetic Stirrers