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GC-1000TLH Plant Growth Chamber


GC-1000TLH Plant Growth Chamber

Product Code : AAHA1032 Brand: Lab Companion (Jeiotech)

With its user friendly interface, the GC-1000TLH Plant Growth Chamber is an excellent tool for your plant growth needs. Its specially designed cabinet is able to adjust the chamber’s air flow and temperature regularity.

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Operating Features: 

• Microprocessor PID control/auto-tuning/calibration.
• Digital timer: 1 min. to 99 hr. 59 min.
• Over-temperature limit/door open alarm.
• 300 to 5000rpm carbon dioxide control system (optional). 

Safety Features: 

• Leakage breaker for power supply.
• Over current protection.
• Over heat protection with alarm.
• Door opening alarm.
• Low and empty water level alarm. 

Constructional Features: 

• High-quality #304 grade stainless steel interior and dirt repellent powder coated exterior surface.
• User-friendly door system.
• Wide inner tempered glass door provides a full view of the samples.
• Powerful air circulator for smooth airflow.
• High frequency electronic ballast lamps.
• Easy cleaning of condenser air-filter.
• Casters for easy mobility when installing or moving environmental testing chamber.
• Electronic humidity sensor is fast acting and easy to calibrate.
• Dual type water level sensor.
• Removable shelving and rounded inner chamber corners for easy cleaning. 


Chamber Volume (litres): 1000

Controller: Microprocessor PID Control

Temperature Range (°C): 5 to 50 (lamp off), 10 to 50 (lamp on), and 20 to 50 (with humidity)

Temperature Fluctuation at 25°C: ±0.1 (without humidity)

Temperature Variation at 25°C: ±0.8 (without humidity)

Illumination Range (Lux): 0 to 35,000

Illumination Control (steps): 11

Humidity Range (RH%): 50 to 90 (20 to 35°C) and 60 to 90 (36 to 50°C)

Humidity Fluctuation at 60% RH (RH%): ±3

Carbon Dioxide Range (optional): 300 to 5,000ppm

Carbon Dioxide Sensor (optional): NDIR Carbon Dioxide

Dimensions (w x d x h): 1200 x 800 x 1080mm (internal) and 1410 x 1070 x 2150mm (external)

Weight (kg): 550


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GC-1000TLH Plant Growth Chamber