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Tabletop Temperature & Humidity Chamber (TH-KE Series)


Tabletop Temperature & Humidity Chambers (TH-KE Series)

Product Code : TH-KE-1 Brand: Lab Companion (Jeiotech)
Product Name Qty
TH-KE-025 Tabletop Temperature & Humidity Chamber
TH-KE-065 Tabletop Temperature & Humidity Chamber
TH-KE-100 Tabletop Temperature & Humidity Chamber

The TH-KE Tabletop Temperature & Humidity Chambers can carry out various environmental tests with their wide temperature and humidity control range.

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Safety Features: 

• Self-protecting cut-off function.
• Over-temperature, electrical leakage or over voltage automatically cuts the power from the unit, in an orderly fashion, starting with the heating element then the controller unit.
• Time setting function for automated RUN/OFF.
• Enable automatic start and shut off of a unit at any specific time.
• A timer can be set for a month and data can be recorded in time, day, or weekly intervals.
• Door-open warning alarm.
• Intermittent toned alarm, audible alarm, and visual alarms.
• Heating element, fan, and platform automatically stops when the door is opened to minimise heat loss and to ensure user safety.
• Built-in door lock with key. 

Optimum Control Features: 

• Microprocessor PID control/auto-tuning/calibration.
• CPU logic control system.
• Optimum control of temperature and humidity guaranteeing reliable test results.
• Touch-screen type display.
• Air-tight door closure.
• Direct water system.
• Tempered glass window with wire heater and lighting.
• Temperature/timer settings and operation condition.
• Temperature and other operating parameters can be recorded using a chart recorder (optional).
• Easily visible set value: set point (SP)/pre-sent value (PV) are also added on the colourful LCD controller. 


• Use of HFC refrigerant prevents damage ton the ozone layer.
• Complies with the montreal protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer control measures.
• Testing for electric and electronic components and sensors.
• Testing of semi-conductors, PCB's, LCD's, and LED's.
• Pharmaceutical tests.
• Mechanical, military, aircraft engineering.
• Automobile, transport, automobile supply industries.
• Chemical/petrochemical industries.
• Construction materials, plastic, textile industries.
• Testing moulds, liquor, cigars, paintings.
• Testing metals related to industries such as plating. 


Controller: Programme Controller (LCD type)

Temperature Range (°C): -35 to 150 (without humidity) and 15 to 90 (with humidity)

Time of Heating Without Humidity from -35 to 100°C (min): 60

Humidity Range (%RH): 20 to 95

Refrigeration System: Mechanical single stage refrigerator system (air cooled condenser)

Refrigeration Refrigerant: R-507A

Water Tank Quality: pH 6.2 - 7.2

Distance of Between Shelves (mm): 20

Max. Load Per Shelf (kg): 25

Permitted Total Load (kg): 65

Viewing Window Dimensions (mm): 220 x 300

Cable Port: Basically one hole provided/Ø 50mm. Optionally max. two holes available/Ø 50 or 80mm

Interface Port: Basically RS-232C (RS-485 optional)

Chamber Volume (litres):

AAH82412K: 25

AAH82422K: 65

AAH82432K: 100

Temperature Fluctuation at 50°C:

AAH82412K and AAH82422K: ±0.4

AAH82432K: ±0.3

Temperature Variation at 50°C:

AAH82412K: ±0.3

AAH82422K and AAH82432K: ±0.4

Time of Cooling Without Humidity from 20 to -35°C (min.):

AAH82412K: 65

AAH82422K: 92

AAH82432K: 90

Humidity Fluctuation at 60%RH/50°C:

AAH82412K: ±4.1

AAH82422K: ±2.8

AAH82432K: ±1.8

Humidity Variation at 60%RH/50°C:

AAH82412K: ±0.9

AAH82422K: ±1.0

AAH82432K: ±1.2

Water Tank Capacity (litres):

AAH82412K: 7.5

AAH82422K: 10

AAH82432K: 14.5

No. of Wire Shelves (standard/max.):

AAH82412K: 2/7

AAH82422K and AAH82432K: 2/10

Internal Dimensions (w x d x h):

AAH82412K: 348 x 220 x 353mm

AAH82422K: 398 x 330 x 498mm

AAH82432K: 498 x 390 x 538mm

External Dimensions (w x d x h):

AAH82412K: 611 x 878 x 911mm

AAH82422K: 660 x 1048 x 1056mm

AAH82432K: 761 x 1108 x 1096mm

Net Weight (kg):

AAH82412K: 110 ±10

AAH82422K: 140 ±10

AAH82432K:150 ±10


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Tabletop Temperature & Humidity Chambers (TH-KE Series)