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Floor Standing Temperature & Humidity Chambers (TH-G Series)


Floor Standing Temperature & Humidity Chambers (TH-G Series)

Product Code : TH-G-01 Brand: Lab Companion (Jeiotech)
Product Name Qty
TH-G-180 Floor Standing Temperature and Humidity Chamber
TH-G-300 Floor Standing Temperature and Humidity Chamber
TH-G-408 Floor Standing Temperature and Humidity Chamber
TH-G-800 Floor Standing Temperature and Humidity Chamber
TH-G-1000 Floor Standing Temperature and Humidity Chamber
TH-G-1500 Floor Standing Temperature and Humidity Chamber

With their high-quality #304 stainless exterior and interior, these Floor Standing Temperature and Humidity Chambers (TH-G Series) are safe and reliable for testing the effects of detailed environmental surroundings on biological and industrial products, and various other materials.

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• Corrosion resistance stainless steel chamber and electric polished humidification tank.
• Front loading portable water tank.
• Direct water system provides user great convenience when performing long-term tests (optional).
• Clear observation of samples.
• Tempered glass door with built-in heating wire.
• Energy efficient, long life span LED lighting.
• Wider view, inner glass door available for monitoring of samples (optional).
• Cable port for introduction of external probes or wires. 50mm diameter cable port comes standard on the left side of the unit.
• Casters for easy mobility during installation or relocation.
• 5.7 inch colourful interactive touch type LCD controller. Set value & present value are clearly visible together on display. Operating progress visible in graph mode allow for direct data interpretation.
• Built-in SD card drive.
• Temperature and other operating parameters recorded with use of selectable recorder (optional).
• Sufficient programmable control support.
• Computer interface RS-485 communication port enables connection of up to maximum 9 units. Simultaneous monitoring and operation of multiple units is an available feature.
• Programme patterns are simple to set with the use of our software.
• Storage of programme information, back-up of value settings, recovery, temperature, humidity values.
• RS-232 communication port comes standard. 


Chamber Volumes Available (litres): 189 (AAH80012K), 302 (AAH80022K), 408 (AAH80032K), 800 (AAH80042K), 1000 (AAH80052K), and 1450 (AAH80072K)

Controller: Programmable, touch-screen controller (5.7" colour monitor)

Temperature Range(s): -40 to 150 (without humidity) and 15 to 90 (with humidity)

Temperature Fluctuation at 40°C/75% RH: ±0.3

Temperature Variation at 40°C/75% RH: ±0.5

Time of Heating Without Humidity (min.): 70 from -40°C to 120°C (AAH80012K, AAH80022K, AAH80032K, AAH80042K, and AAH80052K) and 90 from -40°C to 120°C (AAH80072K)

Humidity Range (% RH): 25 to 95

Humidity Fluctuation at 75% RH/40 °C: ±0.4 (AAH80012K, AAH80022K, and AAH80032K), ±1.0 (AAH80042K and AAH80052K), and ±2.0 (AAH80072K)

Humidity Variation at 75% RH/40 °C: ±3.0

Refrigeration Systems: Mechanical single stage refrigerator system (AAH80012K, AAH80022K, and AAH80032K) and mechanical dual stage refrigerator system (AAH80042K, AAH80052K, and AAH80072K)

Refrigeration Refrigerant: R-507

Water Tank Capacity (litres): 15 - cartridge type

Water Tank Quality: pH 6.2 to 7.2

No. of Wire Shelves (standard/max.): 2/9 (AAH80012K), 2/10 (AAH80022K and AAH80032K), and 2/14 (AAH80042K, and AAH80052K), and 3/18 (AAH80072K)

Max. Load Per Shelf (kg): 20 (AAH80012K), 25 (AAH80022K and AAH80032K), and 40 (AAH80042K, AAH80052K, and AAH80072K)

Permitted Total Load (kg): 50 (AAH80012K), 65 (AAH80022K and AAH80032K), 100 (AAH80042K, AAH80052K, and AAH80072K)

Cable Port (standard/max.): 1 (Ø 50mm)/2 (Ø 50mm or Ø 80mm)

Interface Port: Basically RS-232C (RS-485 optional)

Internal Dimensions (w x d x h): 500 x 630 x 600mm (AAH80012K), 600 x 630 x 800mm (AAH80022K), 600 x 850 x 800mm (AAH80032K), 1000 x 800 x 1000mm (iAAH80042K)), 1000 x 1000 x 1000mm (AAH80052K), and 1000 x 1000 x 1450mm (AAH80072K)

External Dimensions (w x d x h): 1003 x 1139 x 1468mm (AAH80012K), 1103 x 1139 x 1668mm (AAH80022K), 1103 x 1359 x 1668mm (AAH80032K), 1503 x 1319 x 1968mm (AAH80042K), 1503 x 1519 x 1968mm (AAH80052K), and 1503 x 2065 x 2007mm (AAH80072K)

Viewing Window Dimensions (mm): 200 x 330 (AAH80012K, AAH80022K, and AAH80032K) and 270 x 330 (AAH80042K, AAH80052K, and AAH80072K)

Net Weight (kg): 320 (AAH80012K), 385 (AAH80022K), 410 (AAH80032K), 620 (AHH80042K), 680 (AAH80052K), and 860 (AAH80072K)


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Floor Standing Temperature & Humidity Chambers (TH-G Series)