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RBS A 285 Solid pF Detergent (5kg)


RBS A 285 Solid pF Detergent (5kg)

Product Code : RBSSOLID Brand: Medline Scientific

Non-foaming alkaline powdered detergent for cleaning and desgreasing in labware washers to clean glassware and equipment made of stainless steel, plastic, porcelain, etc.

It perfectly removes organic and mineral residues, greases, oils, chemical solutions, and distillation residues.

Does not contain phosphates that would interfere with certain types of analysis (e.g. water and phosphates) or that would pollute the environment.

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• Its composition makes it particularly efficient in difficult conditions even at low concentrations.  


Weight (kg): 5

Use Concentration: 1 to 3g per litre of water according to the type of machine and the tenacity of the soils to remove


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RBS A 285 Solid pF Detergent (5kg)