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RBS Uklean Cleaning Agent (5 Litres)

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RBS Uklean Cleaning Agent (5 Litres)

Product Code : RBSUKLEAN Brand: RBS

RBS Uklean Cleaning Agent (5 Litres) is a multi-purpose concentrated alkaline liquid cleaning agent used for manual cleaning, soaking, and ultrasonic cleaning systems.

It is also convenient for the cleaning and degreasing of parts and equipment made of stainless steel, glass, and plastic in the mechanical and pharmaceutical sectors. It efficiently removes organic residues, oils, ointment and fatty deposits.

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Size (litres):

5 (bottle)

Use Concentration:

1% v/v (normal/manual cleaning) and 0.3 to 0.5% v/v (ultrasonic bath)


Dilute 20ml of RBS Uklean per litre of water at 40 - 70°C. Soak the parts and equipment to be cleaned. Let it act, rinse profusely with water and dry. In case of stubborn residues, increase the concentration or the temperature of the temperature of the cleaning solution. The mechanical action of manual brushing or the use of an ultrasonic bath improves the efficiency of the product and reduces the cleaning time.


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RBS Uklean Cleaning Agent (5 Litres)
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