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CETI Versus Epi-Fluorescent Inverted Microscope

CETI Versus Epi-Fluorescent Inverted Microscope

Product Code : 3800.0000M Brand: CETI

CETI's Versus Epi Fluorescent Inverted Microscope is specially designed to produce high-quality phase contrast and bright-field images of specimens with the use of epi-fluorescent illumination.

Suitable for the observation of cells and clear liquid tissues.

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• Dioptric correction on one eyepiece tube.
• Vertical photo/video port with beam-splitting prism on sliding mount (80-20%).
• Long working distance condenser with template phase contrast unit. 


Optical Head: Trinocular, inclined at 45°

Interpupillary Distance Adjustment (Siedentopf Type): 53 to 75mm

Eye Pieces: 10x/22mm wide-field

Nose Piece: Quintuple revolving with click stop, inverted

Objectives: 10x, 20x, 40x Planachromatic LWD/10x, 20x, 40x Phase Contrast, turret phase contrast, and centering telescope

Condenser: Working Distance: 55mm and turret phase contrast with brightfield 0 position

Stage: Size 227 x 208mm with additional mechanical stage, three interchangeable culture dish holders, and 118mm glass stage plate

Focusing: Coaxial course and fine, pre-focusing mechanism (on left knob), and tension adjustment ring (on right knob)

Lamp House: Lamp holder adjustable and field diaphragm

Mains Power: 220/240V - 50/60Hz (Euro connector)

Converter: Built-in low voltage (6V - electronic) with light intensity control

Bulb: Halogen 6V/30W/G4

Supplied With: 1 spare bulb, 1 spare fuse, allen key (for fixing condenser), dust cover, and instruction manual

Epi-Fluorescence System: Mercury 100W/DC ultra high power lamp house with separate power supply unit with count down timer


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CETI Versus Epi-Fluorescent Inverted Microscope