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CETI microscopes are wholly owned by Medline Scientific. The range offers an extensive choice of affordable microscopes to suit all budgets. From basic educational needs to the more specialised requirements of the research and clinical scientist, we have the perfect solution. 

The CETI range includes monocular, binocular or trinocular configurations to suit most typical applications and requirements. These use brightfield, phase contrast, dark field, polarisation or fluorescent light techniques and are supplied with optics ranging from achromatic to infinity corrected planachromatic objectives, depending on the model. All CETI microscopes are manufactured to the highest specification demanded by the relevant application.

Max III Compound Microscopes

Great for teaching laboratories, CETI’s Max III Compound Microscopes are available with binocular, trinocular, or monocular configurations and give users great access to high levels of magnification where they can examine small specimens (e.g. cell structures).

The wide-field 10x eyepiece is an excellent feature on the molecular models as it creates a large field-of view, which enables users to observe samples in different sizes. With its quadruple reversed nosepiece, each microscope can be handled easily while magnification levels are adjusted.

Each binocular model has a delicate, active 3W light source and 20W Halogen illumination, which allows dramatic and high-quality images to be produced.

The trinocular models are specially designed with a fully-coated optical system for advanced laboratory applications.

Vulan 9300 Automatic Compound Microscope

The CETI Vulcan 9300 Automatic Compound Microscope is a smart, contemporary compound microscope that provides optimal operating comfort with its practical construction. Some of its features include coaxial focusing system with low-position X-Y coaxial control knobs, an image capture button for users to easily collect images with an optional integrated camera, and automatic light intensity management that shows the correct illumination for each objective and the operator.

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