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Analogue Magnetic Stirrers

Analogue Magnetic Stirrers

Product Code : AMS-1 Brand: Lab Companion (Jeiotech)
Product Name Qty
MS-12B Analogue Magnetic Stirrer
MS-17B Analogue Magnetic Stirrer
MS-22B Analogue Magnetic Stirrer

Equipped with a durable and silent BLDC motor, these analogue magnetic stirrers provide excellent chemical resistance.

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Performance & Convenience:

• Ergonomic design, lightweight, easy to operate, and low profile.
• Spark-less, silent, and durable BLDC motor.
• Wide top plate.
• Two non-slip silicon plate covers (white & black).
• Non-slip rubber feet.
• Strong magnetic coupling to ensure constant stirring.
• Best-in-the-class with broad speed range and suitable for a high-speed rotation experimental environment. 


• Designed to protect internal components from accidental spills.
• Built-in thermal shut down and current limit protection.
• Protection class IP42 (DIN EN 60529). 


Speed Control: Electronic speed control

Speed Range (rpm): 150 to 2500

Body Shape: Round

Speed Display: None

Stirring Capacity (litres, H2O:

MS-12B: 2

MS-17B: 4

MS-22B: 5

Magnetic Bar, Max. (Ø x l):

MS-12B: 8 x 30mm

MS-17B: 8 x 40mm

MS-22B: 10 x 50mm

Load, Max. (kg):

MS-12B: 15

MS-17B: 20

MS-22B: 25

Top Plate (Ø, mm):

MS-12B: 120

MS-17B: 170

MS-22B: 220

Dimensions (w x d x h):

MS-12B: 130 x 133 x 65mm

MS-17B: 180 x 186 x 65mm

MS-22B: 230 x 235 x 65mm

Weight (kg):

MS-12B: 0.6

MS-17B: 0.9

MS-22B: 1.1


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Analogue Magnetic Stirrers