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About Us

Established in 1992, Medline Scientific are a leading global supplier of laboratory and scientific equipment. We provide a vast range of laboratory equipment and solutions including our own branded products as well as products from various distributors, and offer our customer’s unrivalled price performance.

Based in the UK, we work with over 1500 organisations within the medical, clinical, university, pharmaceutical, food research and industrial laboratory sectors, as well as leading national and international manufacturers of high-quality anaesthetic and respiratory care equipment.

Our experienced Customer Service team are available to assist you with product, technical, and ordering support. Whether you are looking for competitively priced brand leading products or quality alternatives, we will be able to provide you with an excellent bepsoke service designed for you and your business.

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Our Team


Mark Duffy - Managing Director 

Mark Duffy

Managing Director

Joined: 1992

Ben Jarvis - Sales Director

Ben Jarvis

Sales Director

Joined: 2013

Jeremy Denton - Business Development Manager 

Jeremy Denton

Business Development Manager, Equipment

Joined: 2017

Emma Pritchard - Customer Service Manager

Emma Pritchard

Customer Service Manager

Joined: 2012

Justin Wheeler - Marketing & Operations Manager

Justin Wheeler

Marketing & Operations Manager

Joined: 1999



Natasha Yelland - Marketing Executive 

Natasha Yelland

Marketing Executive

Joined: 2016

Chris Roberts - Territory Sales Manager (North-East) 

Chris Roberts

Territory Sales Manager (North-West)

Joined: 2014

Melanie Sharpe - Territory Sales Manager (North-East) 

Melanie Sharpe

Territory Sales Manager (North-East)

Joined: 2015

 Donatas Jasas - Territory Sales Manager (South-West)

Donatas Jasas

Territory Sales Manager (South-West)

Joined: 2017

 Sam Mattiske - Territory Sales Manager (South-East)

Sam Mattiske

Territory Sales Manager (South-East)

Joined: 2016



ISO 9001 Standard Commitment

Medline Scientific invests considerably in the ISO 9001 quality program ensuring its business processes and standards are maintained to the highest levels.

The ongoing program of quality is managed by our consultancy firm. For more information about Quality Commitment from Medline Scientific please contact us directly.

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